Marion Reinson – Profit Center Activator

Marion Reinson, founder of To The Point, has a unique approach to business consulting that is designed to meet the wide-ranging needs of businesses at different stages and challenges. She blends high-level consulting with on-the-ground coaching and execution to make sure your vision is realized, and that real work is getting done all along the way. Whether you’re a startup formulating a strategy or an established business looking to grow, she will design tailor made programs that respond to your current needs and progress. 

Marion has 20+ years of experience designing strategies with precisely targeted marketing messages. Clients particularly appreciate her noticeable impact on their ability to focus to achieve their business development goals. 


For over 5 years, Marion worked with Professor Rita McGrath, to “Rita-fy” the world by sharing Rita’s ability to teach senior enterprise level business leaders how to deliver real, value-creating innovation and growth, through the use of the world’s best strategic planning tools based on Rita’s work. 

Formerly, Marion was a partner at The Argyle Studio, a graphic design agency founded to provide ‘big agency’ ideas and talent without their overhead and bureaucracy. A graduate of Douglass College, Rutgers University, Marion is a board member of the Princeton Chamber of Commerce and serves as Chairperson of the Einstein Memorial Lecture Committee. She’s also pleased to serve on the Advisory Board of The Suppers Program and Einstein’s Alley. 

Barbara Stange – Work Goddess

We spend so much of our time working – we need for it to generate a significant level of satisfaction. With this, balance comes to other parts of our life. 

Her strengths, to name a few, include business organization, event promotion, awareness building, digital marketing, social media support and web site development. 

Barbara takes a wholistic* approach to business organization so that her clients can achieve their goals – to become more productive, effective and organized. She has worked with a variety of businesses over the years, from managing artist’s promotional events to owning her own health food store. 

In addition to helping business owners succeed, this woman can cook, she loves listening to live jazz and practices aromatherapy and herbalism. 

*Rather than ‘holistic’ with an ‘H’ Barbara spells wholistic with a ‘W’ because she takes a whole approach to avoid creating a hole.

Let’s Talk!

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