Scale Up!

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein 

Taking on the role of a leadership team in a publicly listed company, your job is to transform the company into a global winner. Are you up to the task? 

Learn how to transform, scale and grow your company in the face of change and strategic uncertainty.  Join our East Coast strategy simulation sessions. 


Consulting is most effective when there is an open and honest partnership approach to working together.  

Micro-Engagements are a great way to try out a new relationship.  

We begin with a 30-minute conversation (no charge) and then, if it makes sense, we’ll move forward with a 90-minute engagement. Some examples of topics below.  

Are You Ready for Growth? 

Preparing for the strategic planning process. Take an inventory of what you have and where you are before setting off to build your strategic plan. 

Digital Analytics – See the Story in the Numbers 

Your digital analytics can give you a view of what your viewers find engaging. You may see trends you weren’t aware of. 

Get to Know Your Customer 

Learn about the customer experience with the Consumption Chain Analysis.

Looking for a Speaker?


Engaging and Informative Speaker 

Whether you’re interested in a high level keynote address that will motivate and unite your organization behind a new initiative, or you’re interested in an in-depth program for your executive team, Marion can make it happen. Marion enjoys sharing the wealth of information she has gathered over her 25+ years of working with organizations of all types and sizes. 

Speaking Topics 

  • Common Sense Approach to Your Marketing Plan 
  • Digital Analytics – The Story Behind the Numbers 
  • Defining Roles –This Doesn’t Mean an Org Chart 
  • Impact of the Digital Revolution on Your Marketing Plan 
  • Get To Know Your Customers – Or Someone Else Will! 

Contact us for more information or to discuss designing a custom program for your organization.  


Speaking at the Common Sense Approach to Strategic Planning Workshop